Mrs. Julia Lass, wife of Captain Christian Lass





Obituary for Mrs. Julia Lass

Transcribed from the Santa Clara News, Tuesday, April 19, 1910, pg. 1



      The funeral of Mrs. Julia Lass, beloved wife of Captain C. Lass, was held from the Lass family residence, 1889 Market Street, at 2 o’clock this afternoon.  Impressive funeral services were conducted and interment held at the Santa Clara Cemetery.

   Mrs. Lass was a native of Germany and was in her 60th year.  She resided in Santa Clara for many years and her kindly disposition and gentle qualities won for her a host of warm friends.

   None ever entered her home without a warm welcome nor left without feeling the warmth of a genuine hospitality, so characteristic of the people of her ancestry.  Illness did not destroy the charm of a kind indulgent disposition, nor age diminish her unselfish solicitude for her friends and loved ones.

   Her sweet face made sunshine in a shady place.  If strangers felt the charm of her rare courtesy and joyous, sunny temperament, how much more so the members of her own household upon whom she lavished all the sweet earnestness and careful culture of her mind and nature.  Strong and potent was the influence of this loving heart which gave of its gifts so generously.  The spirit of her love was not weakness but strength.  Gently, almost unconsciously, it coerced those coming in contact with it, to strive for if not to attain the realization of her high ideal.


Transcribed from the Sunday San Jose Mercury Herald 
April 17, 1910, p. 12


SANTA CLARA: Mrs. Julia Lass, Wife of Well-Known Retired Sea Captain, Passes Away

Special to the Mercury Herald: Santa Clara, April 16 – Mrs. Julia Lass a well known resident of this place, and wife of Captain C. Lass, one of the best known retired sea captains on the Coast, died this morning shortly before noon, at the family residence on the Saratoga road near University Avenue. The deceased was a native of Germany, and was in her 61st year.  She came to this State in 1868 and for many years resided in San Francisco until 1894, when the family located here [in Santa Clara]. A husband and two sons survive her.