The Harris Lass House Museum is named for the two families that lived here for over 125 years.


Henry Harris purchased the property in 1864 and had the Italianate style house built a year later in 1865.  He lived here with his wife, Mary, their son Albert and daughter Miriam.  Albert inherited the house in 1886 and was responsible for the extensive additions and remodeling during the 1890s. 


In 1906 the property was bought by Captain Christian Lass and nine family members, comprising of three generations, moved in.  They were the Captain and his wife (Julia) along with one of their sons (Frederick), his wife (also a Julia) and their three daughters (Carolina, Julia and Johanna).  An unmarried sister (Bertha) and brother (Adolph, known as Orie) of Frederick’s wife also took up residence. 


Frederick inherited the property after the Captain died in 1920.  Upon her mother’s death, the youngest daughter Johanna Lass Hayes inherited the estate.  She lived here until 1985 when she sold the property to the City of Santa Clara. 


This 11-room Italianate home is significant primarily as the last remaining large farmhouse in Santa Clara.