Summer Open House


Sunday, June 11

From 1 to 4 pm


Come join us for this free event !


Detail of the painting done by Carolina Lass on the marble fireplace



This year the museum will be highlighting the artistic décor found inside the 1865 farmhouse, both commercial and home–produced.


Like today, Victorian families, especially the women and girls, spent time doing hand crafts to embellish their homes.  The Lass family were no exception and we have some wonderful examples of their work - from needlework to painting to wood work!


Needlework on display will include linens, lace, needle point, quilts, embroidery and crochet. 


Members of the Lace Museum and the Santa Clara Valley Porcelain Artists will also be on hand with displays and demonstrations.


 There will be items for sale and a craft table for children. 


Refreshments will include lemonade and strawberry shortcake.


Entertainment will be provided by the popular “20’s Trio” featuring Vic and Barbara Corsiglia and Lyle Gillison.