Virtual Movie Night


We had hoped that this event could again take place outdoors on the Museum’s lawn.  But that did not work out, and, like all our other public events of 2021 had to be cancelled. 


However, like last year, for those who have Internet access at home, we have selected a consolation offering.  The animated cartoon movie we would have liked to have shown this year is titled:  Good Wrinkles: The Story of a Remarkable Fruit.

Here is a direct weblink to the YouTube channel of the Film Archive of the California Pioneers of Santa Clara County where it may be viewed online (running time about 21 minutes):

or, if you prefer to access the film on Tumblr, the Pioneers offer this weblink:

The Pioneers were able to download the film from the Prelinger Archive which first preserved it, see:



Here is some background on the movie if you choose to view it.  A 1951 animated cartoon, it was commissioned by the California Prune and Apricot Growers Association using their ‘Sunsweet Growers’ trade name.  The cartoon was produced by All Scope Pictures of Hollywood but direction and animation was contracted out to Harmon-Ising Cartoons.  A well-known radio commentator of that era named John Nesbitt narrates the film.  The cartoon opens with Sunsweet’s plump, jovial prune mascot ‘Sunny Sweet’ going to the Hollywood premier at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre of the latest film he is starring in as a swashbuckling duke of French plum royal descent.  It makes it clear that he has also previously starred as a doctor who knows how to help a sick child battle irregularity and a boxer who bests a big bruiser named Fatigue with his high energy personality.  From there the film segues into a carton history of plums and prunes, what makes California Sunsweet prunes the finest in the world, and some great USA and Scandinavian recipes for using prunes in both meat and dessert dishes.  An address in San Jose is even given towards the end for requesting a free prune recipe cookbook!


The movie is suitable for the whole family and might actually make you want to eat six or seven prunes a day (like candy out of a box) to make you feel good in every way!