Mrs. Johanna Lass Haynes (continued)




Johanna’s school yearbook graduation photograph from

the 1920 Santa Clara High School Tocsin Yearbook.



Obituary article in the San Jose Mercury News


Also in memory of Johanna’s death, a copyrighted article dated Friday, March 3, 2000 and written by reporter Michael Cronk appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, Local section, p. 9B under the headline: “Johanna Haynes, 98, Owned Historic Home – Family House Became Santa Clara Museum.”  Here are some additional facts about Johanna Lass Haynes culled from that article:


Johanna was born on November 11, 1901 in Santa Clara.  In Summer 1906 when she moved with her extended family to the house on Market Street it was an eight acre property with a prune orchard.


Mrs. Haynes’ husband Elwood was a successful car salesman and she lived with him in San Francisco.  During World War II, Johanna volunteered at the Stagedoor Canteen making sandwiches for visiting servicemen.  Elwood died in 1955 but it was not until after the death of her mother, Julia W. Lass in 1969 that she inherited and moved back to the house on Market Street in Santa Clara.


By the time the house was sold to the City of Santa Clara for a museum she had moved to a retirement community in Santa Cruz.  She is buried in Oak Hill Memorial Park and her survivors at the time of her death were her nieces, Betty Stevens of Soquel, Carolina Adrian of Soquel, and Dorothy Bull of Concord.