School Tours


The Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara welcomes visits by schoolchildren.  Over the years many classes, especially third graders, have visited the Harris-Lass House Museum.  Since 1993 the Museum has published a Teacher’s Manual and graded story books (for Grades 1-5) for teachers to use in preparation for a class visit.


Please call the Museum message line at (408) 249-7905 if you wish to get more information about the HPSCC School Tours program.  Three of the Society’s docents are specially trained to give school tours.  In past years workshops have been provided for teachers considering bringing their students to the house.


Pictured on this webpage is cover art from the Teacher’s Manual. The Introduction to the Readers has also been transcribed.  One of the fictional stories based on real events from the Book One reader has been transcribed with images to accompany that story.

“A Baby Bear Name Teddy”