Albert Harris (continued)



Albert Harris died suddenly in 1913 about 7 years after he moved from 1889 Market Street to an elegant new home in San Jose.  His death made the front page of the Santa Clara newspaper and was also noted in an article in the San Jose newspaper.  Transcriptions of both articles follow:


Transcribed from the Santa Clara News, Tuesday, September 16, 1913,

                                                                                                                                  pg. 1

Sudden Death of Albert Harris

  Albert Harris, a native of Santa Clara County, who has lived his entire life of 61 years here, died at his home at 440 North First Street Sunday morning after a sudden and severe stroke of apoplexy.

  The only surviving relatives are the widow Ada M. Harris and the daughter Miriam A. Harris.

  Mr. Harris was born in Calavaras valley above Milpitas, in 1852, and while still quite young moved with his family to Santa Clara, where the elder Harris was engaged in agricultural pursuits and in dairying.  Albert Harris resided in the Mission town for forty years and in that time had become a leading factor in the upbuilding of the community.  Then he moved to San Jose and built for his family a magnificent home on North First street.

  While a resident of Santa Clara, Mr. Harris was president of the Santa Clara Valley Bank and for several terms, Town Treasurer and donated his salary for public use as is done by the present incumbent, Mr. A. V. Fatjo.

   The funeral will take place at 7:30 this afternoon.


Transcribed from the The Evening News (San Jose), September 15, 1913,                                                                                                                                   pg. 3

Albert Harris, Leading Business Man of Valley, Dies Suddenly at San Jose Home

  Sudden death came to Albert Harris, one of the leading business men of

the valley, and a director in many of the important financial houses of the city, Friday evening.  He arose in good spirits and was poking and laughing with members of his family when a sudden stroke of apoplexy brought him to his bed, where he remained until his death a few hours later.

  Arrangements for the funeral on Tuesday afternoon from the home at 410 North First Street have been made by the Knights Templar, of which the deceased had been a member for many years.

  The deceased had lived in the Santa Clara Valley nearly all of his life, first at his country home near Santa Clara, but later at the beautiful residence he built for himself on North First Street.  He was a director of the Santa Clara Valley Bank and connected with the direction of the San Jose Water Company.  He attained the age of 61.